Perpetual Calendar “Mottos For Success”

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Buy One to Give One

Help Japan 2011 has begun a campaign to support PTSD in the aftermath of the 3/11 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami.

The Buy One – Give One campaign – of the international seller perpetual calendar “Mottos For Success”.

These simple, but meaningful calendars have been distributed worldwide, for nearly two decades, in many languages and has given hope, vision and encouragement to millions.

Daily Calendar

Daily Calendar

Daily Calendar

Distributing the perpetual calendars

Distributing the perpetual calendars

The perpetual calendars

The Mottos For Success Calendar we have is a Bi-Lingual Japanese/English perpetual calendar. It is the latest version of the Japanese Bi-Lingual calendar.

Here is how the program works – for every calendar you purchase, one calendar is distributed, free-of-charge, to a victim of the Tohoku disaster.
Victims living in Temporary Housing, those removed from their former homes, those struggling to rebuild their lives and communities – can be encouraged to Keep Going: and to feel you care, by presenting them with a gift of one of these calendars.

It is a “win-win” situation, as you also get the benefit of the calendar, and for no extra charge than the original purchase price of the calendar – for every calendar you p[purchase – one will be given, for free, to a victim of this disaster.

Year End Present:

Also, for this Buy One – Give One Campaign, a special present will be given to you. A sticker from Help Japan 2011, showing you have contributed to the cause of aiding PTDS recovery. Normally, these stickers are purchased at 500 yen each, to help support our HJ volunteers and projects. From October through December, 2011, for every purchase of a Buy One Give One Mottos calendar, you will receive a free sticker from HJ 2011.

Ideas for Year End and Christmas:

Mottos for Success Calendars are very popular as gifts for Christmas, Year End and New Year. You can purchase larger quantities of Mottos calendars and distribute them to your employees, friends, relatives, etc… And, for EVERY Mottos purchased, One will be distributed to Tohoku victims. Mottos calendar distribution is done through our network of Volunteer and Relief workers working in the Tohoku area.

Please help us help those affected, by purchase of Mottos For Success Calendars
Join the Buy One – Give One Campaign.

Thank you.

Please order the Mottoes for Success from our contact page.

Our Buy One, Give One campaign is made possible by the kind support of Aurora Japan, the distributors of Mottos For Success calendars, and other fine products.
Aurora Japan is helping sponsor this program, to aid the PTDS recovery in Tohoku.
Thank you, Aurora Japan!.