Original donation seals

Explanation of donation seals:

Donation seal
Donation seal
Donation seal

As you can see from the donation seal, the right part of the seal is blank where you can place your company’s logo and put your company’s name, website URL, etc. Please fill out this information on the order form. After receipt of the order, will we create and send 50 seals and 50 stickers with 500 copies of the Help Japan brochure to you by post.

The order for the seals and stickers : minimum amount 50,000 Yen

Initially the donation will be used for correspondence fees, printing costs, fees for issuing newsletters, maintenance fees for the Help Japan 2011 web site, transportation, and the rest will be donated to the relief work.

The Help Japan 2011 staff are all volunteers who receive no salary. The donation will not be used to pay the staff in anyway.

Collected donations may be freely contributed to any of the volunteer groups that you would like to help.

Help Japan 2011 hopes to continue to work as volunteers in placing donation boxes showing companies’ logos at dental clinics, medical clinics, kindergartens, restaurants, churches, and golf courses etc..

When you receive thank you notes from the recipients of your donations, please forward them to us and we will post them on the Help Japan 2011 website. By this we hope to create a worldwide network of aid.

We have created three types of donation stickers to advertise the need of support; support for the reconstruction of Minami Sanriku, support for those who live in temporary housing, and support for those in Fukushima whose livelihood was lost due to the effects of radioactive contaminated soil, plants and animals. It is possible to choose freely from among these three types.

We look forward to hear from you soon