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Yoko Ishikawa

Yoko Ishikawa

Yoko Ishikawa : Founder&Chairman
Born in Tokyo, 1946, as the youngest of five children
Graduated from Ironton High School, Ohio, in 1965
Attended Sophia University, International Department.

After spending some time in Paris, began work with airlines. Air India (India), to Alitalia Airlines (Italy) Worked as flight attendant for 4 years, traveling around the world.
After married to a dentist became a mother of 3 children
Baptized as a Christian, at age 40
Involved in English education for many years and acted as Administrator at Ishikawa Dental Clinic. Founded Leap High NPO in 2008.

Ishikawa Dental Clinic

Chairman’s Blog

Dear Friends,

This is Josh DeSantis, from Mt. Rokko, in Kobe, Japan.

I would like to introduce you to our appeal to aid the victims of the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake.

I am one of the Chairpersons for a nationally registered NPO, Hiyaku28. One of our objectives as an NPO is aiding in disaster relief. We have opened a new project called: HELP JAPAN 2011

Our particular target is to aid in the PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), meaning visiting those who have been left homeless in temporary housing facilities, those who have lost loved ones and those whose livelihood has been affected by this disaster.

The Japanese government is much better prepared to handle the immediate crisis than in the past. The search and rescue operations are ongoing and it seems the National Defense Force and Police and other relief organizations – who are trained for such things – are doing their best at this time

It is the aftermath of the initial crisis that we are focusing on. The Kokoro-no-Care, (literally – Heart Care) that will be needed for the weeks and months after the initial crisis.

We expect that there will be many people who would like to help in some way – either as volunteers, or with a donation to aid volunteers, etc.. We have already begun to receive phone calls and emails from people in Japan and worldwide, asking how they can help.

We would like to ask if you could assist us in broadcasting our website and our program to anyone you know.

Personally, I was deeply involved in the Kobe earthquake relief effort in 1995, and we learned much from our experiences. We were also involved in sending a helper from Kobe to Indonesia in 2004, after the tsunami there.

Last Friday, the day of the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake, my wife and I were in Tokyo, attending the annual National Prayer Meeting. We were on the 5th floor of the Keiyo Plaza Hotel, downtown Shinjuku. The building, and the whole city, swayed violently for nearly one minute and continued to shake for the next several hours.

We immediately set out to begin relief efforts.

As it is now, all volunteers are asked to remain outside the effected areas, so as not to interfere with rescue efforts. Also, there is a shortage of food and water. We are concentrating on preparation for when volunteers will be allowed to enter – perhaps within the next few weeks.

If you would, please contact me or my wife.

My phone and email: (in Japan) 090-8126-4802,, or,

Thank you and Sincerely,

Josh DeSantis
Chairman – Hiyaku28 NPO
Hyogo-ken, Kobe-shi, Nada-ku
Rokkosancho, Kita Rokko 4512-355
Tel/Fax: 078-891-1016

The vision and the way :
Hideo Hatakeda Vice Chairman of Leap High 28

Chairperson of “Bible and Japan Forum”

In Japan, although we may think selfishness prevails – if we look, we can find others who have not given up the hope and desire to do something together for our neighbors, in this world, who are tired, weary with heavy burden, hurt and weakened.
The Leap High NPO is seeking out such persons, who want to lend a helping hand – to work hand in hand together to effect positive change in this world of ours.

Whatever we do, we have to have a motivation in our spirit – something that cannot be seen with human eyes.
For example, samurais who went through the restoration in Meiji era had a burning desire to change things, to the point of being willing to get out of their comfortable clan situations.
Shoin Yoshida, who tried to make a trip abroad, (which was illegal at that time, and could cost his life), wanted to see something new.

Ryoma Sakamoto, Takamori Saigo, and Toshimichi Okubo tried to see the vision for the whole of Japan, in face of the threats it was facing from the foreign countries. Their motivation was certainly not just religious duty. They had something they felt was true, something they believed in. They not only came out of the mental box they had been in, but they also took action. They saw the way they wanted to go and ran toward that vision.
I am not young, but I found the way, in which I have been running, for many years, without compromise. I had an opportunity to grab a chance of having the vision. I managed to catch the “bus”.
I want to spend the rest of my life, seeking out other friends who have a vision and bravery in life, so that I could aid them to get on this “bus” together

Profile of Hideo Hatakeda: Vice Chairman
Born in 1940, in Osaka.
Majored in History of Western Culture, at Doshisha University.
In 1963, went to New Zealand in cargo ship as a private goodwill mission, where he came to believe in Christ.
In 1965, started pioneering a mission at Nakanoshima Chuo Kokaido, in downtown Osaka.
In 1995, after being a leader of the group for 30 years, he left his church of 600 members, seeking for the better and founded the “Bible and Japan forum”.

After serving as Vice President and Executive Director, became Chairperson in 2009.
At this time, he is also acting as Center Director of the Bible and Japan Forum Seminar House in Ise-shima, Tomoyama, Mie prefecture and
Pastor of Osaka Nishi-ku Home church, Ise-shima Tomoyama Home church.
He continues to give seminars and has written several books, such as:
Autobiography: “From the Well to the Sea” Part1, Born Again.(Praise shuppan Publishers – Japanese), (Tate Publishing – English)
“Escape from the Tempest-tossed Sea” Part2, Awakening.(Marcosh shuppan Publishers – Japanese) (English version, coming soon).

Also: “From Ancient Judea to 21st Century Japan”(Bungei-sha Publishers)
Father of 2 sons