April 2011 Report

The Ortiz family who live in Aomori City went to Tokyo to hold a charity event in a club in Roppongi. Help Japan also attended the event. Toys such as coloring crayons, and other things children enjoy were stuffed into bags to be distributed to children affected by the March 11th disaster. It was in Roppongi I first met the OGA representative, Erwin Ortiz, a missionary from Columbia who processes great social skills and graces.

April 8:
We went to the houses of the children who attend Seijo nursery to ask for support. It was encouraging to see people offer assistance among the many who were merely sympathetic.

April 9:
I asked the assistance of Masaya Rider who is a photographer and a musician in creating a video presentation. The previous filming to create a documentary to raise support for the disaster victims did not go well and was unusable. There were further mistakes due to nervousness, but somehow we were able to complete the video. Mr. Rider patiently edited the video clips and the webmaster, James, posted them both in English on Japanese on the Help Japan 2011 web site.

April 14-15:
I visited the Suwa Shrine in Nagano Prefecture to witness the famous Shinto ceremony preformed annually on April 15th. I also attended a an open workshop of the Bible and Japan Forum. There were approximately 50 people in attendance.

April 16:
I continued to hold meetings in Tateshina, Nagano Prefecture. I came from Tokyo to Tateshina to meet there with James Arendt from Niigata and Josh DeSantis from Kobe. We devoted our time on how to best use our individual talents to develop the Help Japan 2011 website.

April 25:
I worked on making a broacher to advertise Help Japan. I went to Chiba to work with Leap High designer Yoshimi Rider.

April 27:
I participated in a PTSD seminar by Dr. Ozawa held at Aoyama Wesleyan Center at 2:00PM.Dr. Ozawa is a third generation Japanese American pastor, a psychiatrist and a psychologist. He explained in easy to understand layman’s terms his knowledge of PTSD. He explained in simple terms what we can do to treat PTSD victims. Representative Josh DeSantis also attended a PTSD seminar in Kobe. As a result, both of us learned how to hold our own PTSD teaching seminars.

April 28:
I attended a separate PTSD seminar held by Western missionaries at the Ochanomizu Christian Center. However, I thought the seminar of the previous day was several times better. It was fortunate for me to attend both seminars because I could compare the information from them to learn how to best apply them for Help Japan 2011.

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