Let’s expand the circle of our support for Tohoku!

Help Japan raises support for the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011 and those affected by the Fukushima Nuclear Power plant disaster. It is a volunteer group with the aim of helping to rebuild the disaster areas at the earliest possible date.

The Bible refers to Japan as, “the islands of the sea”, “the end of the East”, “the rising sun”. New green shoots will grow again Japan. Everyone can play a part in relief activities in some way.

Through the relief efforts since the earthquake and tsunami disaster of March 11, 2011, people of various backgrounds have come together and have overcome their differences through feeling compassion for others in a true spirit of altruism.

I am convinced such united efforts will ultimately bring restoration to East Japan of both the infrastructure and the emotional and psychological health of the residents. We are all part of a great plan and are striving to fulfill our individual destinies in life.

Please join with us in the relief efforts during this national crisis.

The 3 main activities of Help Japan

  1. Holding teaching seminars on how to treat those afflicted with PTSD.
  2. The introduction of NPO Help Japan’s relief efforts and support of other local relief groups:
    • through the distribution of Help Japan brochures and 10 en donation boxes
    • through distribution of DVDs and video presentations
    • through social networking and radio shows
  3. Now as the attention of the world is focused on Japan, Originating in the future to develop bilingual international mutual assistance, we hope to develop international mutual assistance for the future.


Let us pray for the speedy restoration of the stricken area and that it be restored even more beautifully and perfectly than before, and the the victims will be relieved and gain peace to their hearts and minds. Let us connect with each other and the victims so that we can hold their hardship, sadness and joy, and in doing so we’ll all find hope and light.

Devastation by tsunami