Comments from NPO Shalom Ohtake Shizuko

NPO Shalom Representative Ohtake Shizuko

NPO Shalom Representative Ohtake Shizuko

Thank you for this opportunity to attend a PTSD seminar.

There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight concerning the Fukushima nuclear power-plant accident. As the reality of the damage begins to sink into the minds of the residents, more and more are experiencing anxiety with a feeling of being trapped. Evacuation areas have been designated, and the residents were forced to evacuate their areas to live in temporary housing. They were forced to leave their comfortable homes to live in small houses provided for by the government and be daily without work.

There are now many with deep wounds in their hearts too painful to describe. It is important that we understand their pain and help support them from area to area. It is important to gain knowledge of how to treat those with PTSD so that we may help share their pain.

Please continue to educate use in the treatment of PTSD. Thank you.

Ohtake Shizuko
NPO Shalom Representative
July 27, 2011

Inquiring the basis of PTSD

NPO Shalom

On June 26th, three months after the Great East Japan earthquake, I have learned about PTSD from the Help Japan relief effort seminar. Fukushima Prefecture bears the the large burden of not only damage caused by a major earthquake and resultant tsunami, but also possible brain damage due to nuclear radiation. Our slogan is, “Let’s do our very best now to help those in need.” To accomplish that we need to make many new contacts to receive their support. I often hear the neighborhood elderly people say, “It’s not worth it to produce vegetables when nobody will eat them. Grandmothers who have lived their lives to please their family by producing vegetables for the dinner table say they are not encouraged to make them for the young people who will not eat them. People who one brought edible wild plants to their relatives, have begun to even deny their existence, and don’t feel like getting out of bed in the morning anymore bed. Every day should begin with careful listening the words of wisdom, “It’s not how much I do that counts, it’s how much heart I put into what I do.” This reverberates the words which Mother Teresa asked herself.

Fukushima Prefecture NPO Shalom member Nouchi Chikako