Thank you for the picture books

Picture books given to the children in Tohoku
Picture books given to the children in Tohoku
Thank you for the picture books given to the children in Tohoku

Dear Yoko Ishikawa,

 It has been raining since my return to Sendai. This year the rains have come earlier than last year. Last year we were playing in the pool at this time, but this year temperatures are lower and the pool is closed.

Thank you very much for the boxes full of books delivered to us at the end of June. We divided the class into two with the first half of children up to 6 years old. Now we have many popular books, some favorite children’s picture books. Everyone is very happy. Thank you so much!

Social Welfare
Katahira Kindergarten Principal
Matsukawa Yoshiko

Thank you note from Hands of Love

Yellow shirtDear Help Japan 2011

We are about to go on our next trip to Minamisanriku (at 5 am) and I wanted to write to you a big THANK YOU for the goods you sent from Samurai Factory and the Thai Government. Both boxes were so appreciated. The yellow shirts given by the Thai Government all went out on the first day (many people wanted it) and the books for the children from Samurai Factory were also appreciated.

I’m attaching a photo of people at the temporary housing lining up to receive this aid that was collected from all over the world from concerned individuals and companies.

Please thank the Thai Government and the Samurai factory for us. We will be updating the blog with photos and more news after this next trip, but until then, we are attaching a few photos with special thanks.
Ai no te
Thank you again.

With much appreciation.

Megumi Kitano (for Ainote)

Words of appreciation from NPO Shalom in Fukushima

Yoko Ishikawa with Shizuko Ohtake of NPO Shalom

Yoko Ishikawa with Shizuko Ohtake of NPO Shalom

Dear Help Japan,

Thank you for sending us donations. From the day of the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, our lives have changed greatly. Peaceful Fukushima prefecture, a land abundant in nature and beauty, was suddenly hit with a triple disaster, an earthquake, a tsunami, and a nuclear accident. It remains to be seen what the final outcome of that nuclear accident will be.

NPO Shalom was established from the day of the disaster. We continue to this day serving the disaster relief efforts. Initially, we brought emergency supplies to areas devastated by the nuclear accident and the tsunami, and provided assistance to the relief shelter in Fukushima city for those who have been evacuated from the disaster areas. Now after 4 months we continue to assist those living in temporary housing. Fukushima city is only 60 kilometers from the damaged nuclear power-plants that are leaking radiation. There has been a growing anxiety about danger to health from the radiation. We have been doing activities to reduce health hazards based on the wisdom and experience of researchers of nuclear incidents of Chernobyl, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

We are deeply grateful to you, Mrs. Ishikawa, for contacting us immediately after the disaster, for coming to Fukushima City, and also for your aid to to Idata Village, Minami Soma City, and the people of Fukushima Prefecture. We are encouraged to receive such support from someone who lives so far away.

The midst of such disasters, it has helped us realize anew the importance of mutual help among residents and the importance of regional ties.

NPO Shalom hopes you will continue to support our activities. We promise to use the donations in the best possible way to aid the disaster victims. Thank you again for your help. Shalom!

Shizuko Ohtake
NPO Shalom Representative
Fukushima Prefecture Fukushima City Matsukawa Machi Higashihara 17-3
July 20, 2011