Phase 2 of Relief Work begins

282 deaths linked to aftermath of Japan earthquake and tsunami

As you may have seen on the news, Japan is in an ongoing crisis. Multiple aftershocks, of M7, have continued. The nuclear crisis is now at extreme level, and 200,000 people are in temp. shelters.

We are focusing on the Phase 2 part of the relief effort – to bring some encouragement and hope, along with any other aid and support we can offer. The “after-quake” death toll – those who have succumbed to disease and hardship, as well as giving up hope – is near 300 people, and is on the rise.

This week, I will be attending 2 meetings, in different parts of the country, to discuss and plan for this Phase 2 project. We will be in need of volunteer effort and sustained support, in order to continue.
Please keep all of this in your prayers, and we will be updating you on our needs and opportunities to help.

Thank you for your support until now.

Josh DeSantis
Project Manager
Help Japan 2011 Relief Teams